The iPSC core facility is dedicated to pluripotent stem cells biology (human and non- human), and more particularly to the reprogramming of adult cells into induced pluripotent stem cells ( iPSC ) with noninsertional transgenes strategies.

We collaborate with research teams, located in France or abroad, working in various fields: epigenetics, developmental biology, musculoskeletal function, heart function, liver function. Our expertise of pluripotent stem cells places us in an ideal position to develop partnerships focused on differentiation or genome editing.

Field of activity :

iPSCs are mainly used for:

  • Developmental biology : iPSCs enable to studfy cell fate decisions in human.
  • Physiopathology : iPSCs obtained from patient cells allow to study rare genetic diseases.
  • Drug screening : iPSCs give access to unlimited numbers of specialized human cells, usable for drug screening (for example : toxicity screen in hepatocytes).
  • Regenerative medicine : iPSCs can be differentiated into specialized cell types, that can be transplanted to restore organ functions.

Know-how, expertise available:

The iPSC core facility can collaborate with you to setup projects based on iPSCs.

Services provided:

  • human, rat and mouse pluripotent stem cells and training to manipulate them.
  • Reprogramming of patient’s fibroblasts, PBMC or urine-derived cells. We use Sendai V2 or mRNA transfection.
  • support and training for differentiation.

Quality labels and accreditations:

IBiSA, Biogenouest.

Open the doors of the lab (in French):

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