The European gateway to your cell and gene therapy projects

With very high expertise entirely dedicated to innovative medicine, the 7 teams and 120 experts benefits from over 6000 m² of laboratories, manufacturing sites and hospitals within the same city.

West Biotherapy covers the innovative therapy drug development chain starting at benchtop research and proof of concept on regulatory advices through to consulting, cGMP Manufacturing and toxicity/immune studies. Their skills cover primate or canine study, drafting Dossier, MTI dispensation at the hospital and clinical application by internationally renowned physicians.

West Biotherapy can meet all your needs by offering innovative, integrated, tailor-made solutions and access to cutting-edge technologies through the expertise of its structures.

About us

Nantes area has many resources in research, technical research and development, clinical research design for development to the clinic of candidates cellular and/or gene ATMP

Your benefits

Simplicity and Performance

West Biotherapy is a unique gateway to the entire infrastructure of the Nantes site working on the development of biotherapies (cell therapy and gene therapy). West Biotherapy studies the requests of the academic and industrial teams, and puts them in contact with the experts of the technological platforms which are the most adapted to answer their need of development of projects and innovative products.

The synergy and complementarity of the West Biotherapy team offers time optimization and cost-efficient project developments.

Access to innovative technologies

West Biotherapy provides its academic and private clients with access to state-of-the-art infrastructures that are highly specialized and require investments and/or expertise that they do not always possess in-house. West Biotherapy thus enables its clients to develop their innovative projects and products.

Tailor made offer

West Biotherapy offers academic and industrial teams a service offering covering the development chain of advanced therapy drugs, from proof of concept to clinical application. Thanks to its technical and scientific expertise, West Biotherapy studies and builds with its customers the offer best adapted to the development of their innovative projects and products.


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